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Looking to buy scrubs online? Whether it's medical scrubs UK such as nursing scrubs, dental scrubs or NHS scrubs / uniform for your team? We have an extensive range of Scrubs and sell both doctors scrubs and nursing scrubs from a number of reputable and big brands in the UK such as Skechers, Alexandra Workwear and Cherokee.

Ideal for use in hospitals, hospices, GP surgeries, dental practices, veterinary surgeries and more, find the ideal style, fit and colour scrub for your needs with Greenbergs. As a family-run business, we’re one of the leaders when it comes to supplying Scrubs in the UK, and can provide you with over three generations of expertise and a bespoke service tailored to your needs. 

Dental Scrubs

Dental scrubs can make your team look the part, and offer a practical solution to work uniforms. Depending on your brand, you can choose your chosen colour and have our brand logo embroidered into your scrubs. We can offer this service for as little as £1.95, making your Scrubs look professional and stylish every day of the week. 

Available in sizes up to a 5xl, you’ll find men’s, women’s and maternity scrubs for sale on our website, making us the most versatile choice for your scrubs. We also offer an extensive range in scrub styles, so if you’re looking for nursing tunics or something catered to a job in beauty, we have you covered thanks to our extensive range and partnerships with some of the biggest brands around the world. 

At Greenbergs, you can also purchase footwear and accessories to your scrubs, ensuring you have the complete outfit for the workplace. You can shop our footwear here, and our accessories here

When it comes to delivery, we offer free delivery on all orders over £75 and can send items to both the UK and Ireland, as well as internationally. We also accept refunds up until 30 days after your purchase.


What are medical scrubs? 

Medical scrubs are protective clothing worn by medical professionals who work with patients in health and care settings. Medical scrubs are used for sanitary purposes, as they block bodily fluids, germs and chemicals from the medical worker’s skin, which allows them to work safely.

Originally only doctors and nurses wore medical scrubs, however the usage has extended to other professionals like vets, midwives and nursing home workers.

Scrubs were introduced to hospitals in the aftermath of the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918, as people became more aware of how illnesses spread and how protecting ourselves with materials can stop the spread of illness. The first scrubs that were used were white to represent ‘purity’ but now scrubs of all colours can be bought.

Who are medical scrubs suitable for? 

Medical scrubs are suitable for all health, care and dental workers. They provide protection whilst working with patients. Also, scrubs allow the public to easily identify what someone’s occupation is, which is extremely important in the case of an emergency. Medical scrubs are easier to move in than other types of clothing as they are loose fitting. 

What type of scrubs do you stock? 

We sell different types of scrubs in male, female and unisex sizes. The sizing we provide is diverse as we go from a 2XS to a 5XL, as well as fitting preferences like petite, tall and regular. We offer tunics, trousers and tops. There are different brands you can choose from such as Alsico, Key Scrubs, Tulip and many more. 

Furthermore, the scrubs that we sell come in a variety of materials, we sell polyester nursing scrubs or if you are looking for an environmentally friendly option we offer a blend of materials for the scrubs. 

In addition, we offer embroidery on the scrubs we sell, so if you would like to add text (e.g. the name of the hospital you work at) or a logo you can. You can choose where you would like it to be positioned and what colour you would like it to be. You can embroidery as an option as you are checking out. Embroidery is only a small additional fee. 

You will be able to find scrubs to fit your budget and sizing and colour preferences on our website. 

What colour scrubs do you sell? 

We offer medical scrubs in the colours: black, blue, green, grey, navy, orange, pink, red and white. 

Different healthcare departments usually wear different colours so they can easily identify where each worker operates. Typically, doctors will wear dark blue/navy scrubs, nurses will wear light blue scrubs and nursing assistants will wear lilac scrubs. Each department will ask their staff to wear a different colour. 

Why should I buy scrubs from Greenbergs?

Greenberg’s is a family-run business, we have been in the industry of scrubs for many generations and have become one of the market leaders. We are experts and can provide you with both high-quality service and scrubs.